Transform Your Entire Team into Great Storytellers who Close More Sales.

The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework will help your team STOP selling and start inviting customers into a story.

Invite Customers into a Story

Boost Your Team’s Confidence

Close More Sales

Your sales team spends too much time selling product features rather than solving a customer’s problem.

And it’s costing you…

You damage relationships with potential customers
Your reps are not confident in their sales conversations
Your sales and marketing messages are not aligned
Your sales numbers stay flat

It doesn’t have to be that way. With The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework, your team will learn a proven 5-part framework that will help them start inviting customers into a story in every sales conversation.

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How to Bring The Customer is the Hero
Sales Framework to Your Team


Private Workshop

The Customer is the Hero Private Sales Workshop is an on-site or virtual workshop where one of our expert facilitators works specifically with your team to help them close more sales.

Your team will learn how to invite customers into a story, create the 5 messages they’ll use in every sales conversation, and see how to implement those messages into key areas of your sales process.

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Custom On-Demand Course

If you want an evergreen video course you can use to train hundreds or thousands of sales reps at once, we can create a custom on-demand course for your specific product or service.

We’ve created customized courses for some of the biggest brands in the world, and they have used those courses to help their entire sales force start inviting customers into a story.

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This framework makes it so easy to walk prospects through every step of the sales process from the initial conversation all the way to closing the sale. It completely takes the pressure off of you as a salesperson, because it puts you in the position of trying to solve a problem for the person you’re selling to. Plus, since it’s a step-by-step plan, we can easily replicate it across the company. This is a beautiful framework.

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That’s it! Once you’ve identified the solution that works for your team, we’ll take care of the rest. Your team will be closing more sales before you know it.

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During a Private

Are You Confident in the Words Your Reps are Using in Sales Conversations?

At StoryBrand, we’ve helped some of the top brands in the world align their teams around a clear marketing message.

Now, we’ve created a framework and training exclusively for sales teams to align your reps around the exact words they need to use in every part of the sales process.

When your team starts using The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework:

  • everyone will know how to make the customer the hero by positioning your product as a solution to a problem
  • your sales reps will be more confident knowing they have a script that gets results
  • and YOU will feel confident that everyone knows exactly what to say in their sales conversations.

When your team knows the right words to use and makes the customer the hero in every sales conversation, they will close more sales, and your business will grow.

What Makes StoryBrand and The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework Different?

The primary difference between The Customer is the Hero Private Sales Workshop and other sales training is adoption. Why do sales teams adopt the The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework while others are forgotten? Because The Customer is the Hero uses a proven story framework that has been working to get people’s attention for centuries.

The human brain thinks in story. You and I think in story. Your customers think in story. When your sales team thinks in story, your business will finally speak the language humans have been speaking since the dawn of time.

Once understood, The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework is intuitive and unforgettable. If you want your team to connect with more customers and close more sales, make sure they understand The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework.

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