The Customer
is the Hero.

A Sales Framework for People Who Hate Selling

Invite customers into a story
that makes their lives better.

Most people hate selling. But to keep our businesses running, we have to sell.

What if there’s a way to sell our products without selling?

If you have a product you believe in, you shouldn’t have to feel anxious about selling. The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework removes the anxiety from selling and helps you approach sales conversations with confidence.

The key? Stop thinking about selling products and instead invite customers into a story.

The 5 Parts of The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework

  1. 1 Start with the Problem
  2. 2 Position Your Product as the Solution to the Problem
  3. 3 Give the Customer a Step-by-Step Plan
  4. 4 Paint the Stakes
  5. 5 Ask for the Sale
For Individuals

Get the Business Made Simple
On-demand Course

Get the Course

Learn The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework through our on-demand course inside the Business Made Simple platform.

In the course, you’ll learn how to create sales talking points that invite customers into a story and make them the hero of that story. With the free Online SalesScript tool, included with the course, you’ll put your talking points into a ready-to-go script that you can start using immediately.

For Teams

Book a Sales Private Workshop

Book a Workshop

Take your entire sales team through The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework through a Private Workshop.

Align your reps around the exact words they need to use in every part of the sales process. Finally feel confident that everyone on your team knows exactly what to say in their sales conversations.

Sell More By Using a Proven
Story-Based Framework

We’ve all been victims of bad sales experiences at one point or another. From being bullied into buying a product you didn’t need to being stuck on a sales call that gives you no value, these experiences leave us with a bad taste in our mouths about sales. The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework changes everything you thought you knew about sales.

StoryBrand has helped thousands of businesses create a clear marketing message, all by using the power of story and making the customer the hero. Now, with The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework, you can learn how to use these same proven principles in your sales conversations. Stop guessing at what works and losing deal after deal and instead become a trusted advisor to your clients. This is all possible when you make the customer the hero.

How to Use The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework


Learn the framework through the on-demand course, or a private workshop


Apply the framework by creating sales talking points using the SalesScript tool


Confidently close more deals AND actually enjoy selling

What should I say in sales conversations? Use the SalesScript to develop your exact talking points.

Know what to say in every sales conversation when you use the SalesScript tool. This free tool guides you in applying The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework.

Copy your talking points straight out of the SalesScript and start using them in sales calls, presentations, and proposals right away.

Get the SalesScript

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Donald Miller, author of the New York Times bestselling book Building a StoryBrand, has helped thousands of business owners clarify their marketing using the power of story. After the overwhelming success from business owners around the world, Donald Miller and StoryBrand are now using the power of story to help you master sales through The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework.