The Customer
is the Hero.

A Storytelling Framework for Sales

Invite your customers into a story
that makes their lives better.

Sales isn’t about convincing people to buy your product.

It’s about inviting your customer into a story where their problem gets solved.

If you have a product that makes people’s lives better, selling it should be easy and feel genuine. The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework will help you stop thinking about selling and start focusing on solving people’s problems.

The key? Create a million-dollar sales pitch that doesn’t feel like selling at all.

The Million-Dollar Sales Pitch

  1. 1 Start with the Problem
  2. 2 Position Your Product as the Solution to the Problem
  3. 3 Give the Customer a Step-by-Step Plan
  4. 4 Paint the Stakes
  5. 5 Ask for the Sale
For Individuals

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Learn The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework through our on-demand course inside the Business Made Simple platform.

* Create 5 talking points for your Million-Dollar Sales Pitch

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For Teams

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Sell More By Using a Proven
Story-Based Framework

We’ve all been victims of bad sales experiences. From getting bullied into buying a product you don’t need to getting stuck on a pushy sales call, nobody likes being forced into a purchase. The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework will change everything you thought you knew about sales.

StoryBrand has helped thousands of businesses create a clear marketing message using the power of story. Now, The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework helps you use the same proven principles in your sales conversations. Stop guessing at what works and losing deals and start using the power of story to close more sales.

How to Use The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework


Learn the framework through the on-demand course or a private workshop


Apply the framework by creating your Million-Dollar Sales Pitch


Confidently close more deals AND actually enjoy selling

“What should I say in sales conversations?” Use our free SalesScript tool to develop your Million-Dollar Sales Pitch

This free tool guides you in applying The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework and creating your Million-Dollar Sales Pitch.

Copy your talking points straight out of the SalesScript and start using them in sales calls, presentations, and proposals right away.

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Donald Miller, author of the New York Times bestselling book Building a StoryBrand, has helped thousands of business owners clarify their marketing using the power of story. After the overwhelming success from business owners around the world, Donald Miller and StoryBrand are now using the power of story to help you master sales through The Customer is the Hero Sales Framework.